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Technical info - still under construction


This page still hasn't been updated but will eventually contain discussion of technical matters such as varnish and acoustics - in particular about modal analysis.


There are 5 application written by George Stoppani for various types of acoustic analysis.

Acquisition is for capturing frequency response functions. (password needed)

ModeFit is for estimating mode parameters and other data manipualtions. (password needed)

ModeShape is for plotting mode shapes and viewing animations and other operations on plots. (password needed)

FRFOverlay is for comparing FRFs or complex FFT data and can do all sorts of averaging.  (password needed)

GS Spectrum Analyser : a more simple mono triggered recording and frequency analysis application. (password not needed)

Image merge : now partly obsolete, can join jpegs, jpgs or bitmaps horizontally or vertically as a batch operation Saves a lot of time if you need to do these things. (password not needed)

All except 'Image merge'  need a set of dynamic link libraries. These can placed in the system32 folder but the applications will run provided that the libraries are in the same folder as the exe file. This is useful if running the applications from CD or memory stick. Suggested installation procedure is create a new folder and name it 'GS Software'. Sensible places are directly on 'C drive' or in 'program files'. It is NOT recommended to place applications in 'My documents' or on the desktop. Unzip each file into this folder. Manually create short cuts to desktop or start menu. Windows 2000 or later is needed. Applications will run faster with genuine Intel processors or dual core processors. 2Gb of RAM or more also helps as does a fast graphics card. To uninstall delete the whole folder or just individual applications. There will be a few registry keys in 'Current user' under GS Software. Just delete them or leave them if you are nervous. 

There are currently no help files. Users have usually attended one or more training sessions. 

WARNING Some of these applications are password protected. All software by George Stoppani is copyright and may not be sold or distributed without permission. 

All applications by George Stoppani are protected by copyright. Read license agreement before you download.

Download all dlls (8.6 Mb)

Download Acquistion.zip (1.44 Mb)

Download Modefit.zip (1.22 Mb)

Download ModeShape.zip (1.25 Mb)

Download FRFOverlay.zip (1.23 Mb)

Download SpecAnalyser simple (1.16 Mb)

Download ImageMerge.zip (331 Kb)

Important updates. AcqFilesUpdate13 uses the same set of dlls that you probably have already. It has an improtant update to the the FRF averaging. Make a backup of your existing copy and unzip the new version to the original folder containing exes and dlls.


AcqNewversionwithdlls.zip is a major update that uses a new set of dlls. The zip file contains all necessary files including the dlls and dat files. There are many new features and improvements but the documentation is not yet available. If you are familiar with previous versions you will be able to use this version but may not be able guess how some of the new features work. Hopefully an explanation of the new features will be released by the end of February 2013. 






George Stoppani, 6 Needham Avenue, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 8AA  UK

Phone: +44 (0)161 860 7386 email: george@stoppani.co.uk

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